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What Are Your Sunnies Saying About You?

There’s a lot that a pair of sunglasses can do for your face. From softening your features and giving you killer cheekbones to covering up your hangover-face, it’s pretty much the go-to accessory for both style and convenience. With the hot summer months around the corner, you will be sporting sunglasses up and about and revealing more about yourself than you think. Wondering how?

Turns out, your sunglasses can give people a glimpse into your personality. So are you a stylish rebel or a poised and practical thinker? Read on to find out what your sunglasses say about you.

1. Wayfarers

What Are Your Sunnies Saying About You?

The epitome of cool in the sunglasses kingdom, wayfarers are all about being edgy and endearing in one breath. While you may pick these as a pragmatic option for the day, there is an undeniable laidback vibe to them as well. What also helps their case is their versatility. Whether you are headed for a road trip or a late afternoon date, wayfarers work in all situations. Make yourself look like a refined rebel in a pair of these.

Wayfarers complement heart-shaped and round faces especially well. The angular and defined lines of these glassess lend sharpness to the face and majorly ups your attractiveness quotient.

2. Dark Sporty Ones

What Are Your Sunnies Saying About You?

Think ‘The Terminator’ and ‘The Matrix!’ The shades worn by the stars in these movie were as epic as the movies themselves. They became the unofficial mascots for badass. Tough, sexy, and unapologetically-ambitious never looked better. You know you are not the average Joe and are giving out major confidence goals when you are wearing these dark-black sporty pair of sunnies. On the flipside though, you may look tough and slightly unapproachable in these glasses. So weigh your situation and then put these on. These inimitable glassess look best on oval, square, and diamond shaped faces. The deep proportions of these sunglassess combined with the width balance out oval and diamond shaped faces, and add dimension to straight cheeks while playing down longish noses.

3. Round Sunglasses

What Are Your Sunnies Saying About You?

Talk about making a successful comeback! Round sunglasses are definitely having their moment in fashion. Made hugely popular by the legendary John Lennon, these round glasses say a lot of things about you. They say that you’re artsy, more inclined to appreciate the finer things in life, and of course, lends you have a too-cool-for-school vibe. This is the accessory you should never leave your home without, whether you’re out for a relaxed day at the coffee shop with a book or headed to a concert. Persol, Ray-Ban and Mykita are the brands to watch out for when you want a pair of these rounded wonders. Round glassess work like hand-in-glove for square and rectangular faces that have defined jawlines. The soft silhouettes of round glassess work to add that dash of sexiness to your face.

4. Reflective Sunglasses

What Are Your Sunnies Saying About You?

Not everyone can pull off colored reflective sunglasses. But, if you are strutting out in a pair of these, you are definitely not one to be ignored or relegated to the periphery. It takes one to be bold, confident, and quite carefree to sport one of these. When you are wearing these flamboyant sunnies, those around will expect you to be original, creative and energetic in all that you do.

Colored sunglasses often have polarized lenses. Polarized lenses are apt for being sported on days when you are going to be indulging in some serious outdoor activities. Whether it is water sports or cross-country hike, your activity-filled summer needs one of these sunglasses. Wearing this cool pair of sunglasses is a must before you step outside this summer. It’s time to channelize the inner adventurer in you!

5. Oversized Sunglasses

What Are Your Sunnies Saying About You?

Wearing one of these? Then there are two clear things that you are indicating. The first is that you don’t like the sun much; and the second impression you are giving out is that you have been partying hard and the oversized glasses are the perfect means of hiding from the world what you don’t want to reveal through your eyes. So are you ready to be Mr. Mysterious? Oversized works well on most face shapes. It lends an easy softness to well defined cheeks and jawlines. On the other hand, it also works well on round, heart-shaped and oval faces while imparting much glamour and fun.

6. Wrap-arounds

What Are Your Sunnies Saying About You?

Wraparounds are a functional choice and absolutely fuss-free. They convey that you are an active, adventurous sort of person, who is always up for a challenge. If you have hiking or golf on your mind, wraparounds easily fit the bill. Because of their sporty and utilitarian appeal, they do not do so well for brunches or romantic first dates. Avoid this sunglass shape if you have a round or oval shape as it can be overwhleming for your face and add unrequired volume. Wraparounds look best on square, rectangular, and oblong faces.

7. Aviators

What Are Your Sunnies Saying About You?

 No list of must-have sunglasses is complete without the mention of these classics. Aviators are the original shades icons and continue to hold that position even today. Complementing faces of all shapes and sizes, aviators are elegant, rugged and cool. They command respect, and always get a nod from the sartorial police. So, what does it say about you when you wear the ever-rocking aviators. It says freedom, creativity, and effortless style. They are sure to spruce up most of your outfits. If you take your style game seriously, you have to have a pair of aviators in your collection.

So What’s Going to Be Your Pick?

What Are Your Sunnies Saying About You?

Surprised, excited, or did you know it all already? Let your sunglasses do the talking for you this summer. Stock up on different styles of sunglasses and set the temperatures soaring. But before you do that, here is a quick round up of the top sunglasses trends that will rule the roads and runways in the coming months.

a) Wayfarers All the Way 

These intriguing, yet charming pair of sunglasses is one hot accessory to sport this summer. Pull off the retro look in wayfarers and relaxed spring wear.

b) Oversized Aviators

The tear-drop classics get a cool twist this season. 2017 will see the rise of the oversized aviator. The always-in-vogue style gets a hint of oversized power. The glasses are all set to look more masculine and sturdier. The larger lens will allow you stand out in the crowd.

c) Heavy Browline Sunglasses

 A contemporary version of the clubmaster, these sunglasses include square lenses and a heavy browline. This thick retro-inspired semi-rimless frame makes you look suave and totally in control.

d) Rounded Clip-On Sunglasses

These round glasses with aviator-like rims will make you the undisputed style god. The Charleston, which is the most popular style of rounded clip-on sunglasses, is actually an amazing piece of art that will make you look quite the thinking woman’s man. It remains one of the coolest and most fashionable pair of sunglasses that money can buy.

Final Thoughts

With so many options available, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to sunglasses. But now that you know that they are such great indicators of your personal style and personality, we say ,pick shades that balance your mood for the day and your actual personality. So are you ready to up your sunglasses style game this summer?

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