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Top Home Improvement Projects To Complete In Winter

Why do we take on home improvement projects around our homes? Ask different people. and you’ll likely receive a variety of answers.

  • To improve the space
  • To enhance the functionality
  • To add more space
  • To increase home value

And in most cases, the reasons begin to mix as the project moves along. The dream kitchen we’ve always wanted will make a nice addition; to have it increase home value makes the project even better.

If you’ve owned your home for more than a few years, you know home improvement projects are in constant ebb and flow. We repair things along the way to keep things operating smoothly. And every once in awhile we take on a big project that changes the space as we know it.

Top Home Improvement Projects To Complete In Winter

It’s all a part of home ownership. It’s all that makes a home unique, gives it our own touch of personality. But, where do you start?

How about seasons?

It’s fairly obvious that you’ll put off landscaping projects until the spring and summer returns once again. But what about other projects? Can a season dictate the ideal time to start something new?

What home improvement projects are best completed in the winter? Turns out there are quite a few. Think outside of the box this winter and give your home some much-needed updates you’ll enjoy all year long.

Start Simple … Start With Color

Not ready to make big changes to your home? Start simple.

Painting the rooms in your home can make a drastic change to the appearance of each room, without investing a lot of time, energy or funds on the project. Sure, adding a coat of paint in a similar color will freshen up a room. But now is the time to go bold and really make a change for the better.

Why not try adding fresh, new colors to your walls? Every year, paint manufacturers choose a Color Of The Year. These colors dominate the décor you find in home stores everywhere. They set the theme for what we buy throughout the year. And this year’s colors set a dramatic stage.

For example, Benjamin Moore has selected a rich, royal amethyst called ‘Shadow’, a color that makes a bold statement in any room you choose to use it. The deep purple color is the perfect way to create an accent wall, or go bold and create confidence throughout a room.

Whether your choice is vibrant and bold, or subtle and serious, painting during the winter months is now easier than ever, thanks to today’s paints which are low in VOC and don’t produce the toxic fumes of paints from yesteryear. No more leaving the window open for days and pumping your heated air away while trying to clear a room of noxious fumes. With low VOC paints, you can take on a project whenever it suits you best. Like on the coldest days of the year when you’re stuck in the house anyway.

Add Functionality To Your Bathroom

Kitchen remodels are often the most popular on the list. But they can also be the most intimidating. Why not move to another room – the bathroom – and add impressive new features there instead?

In the bathroom, small changes can have huge impact. You know the drippy, outdated faucet you’ve been living with for years? An update can add pizzazz from the moment you tighten the last bolt. Today’s faucets add style and finishes to complement any décor. And with a variety of lever handles, you can add utility in a way that suits your family the best, from one handle operation, to touch activation.

But don’t stop there because today’s fixtures offer a world of opportunity. You know that rain shower you’ve been dreaming about? Why not add it to your shower and give yourself an added bonus on those cold, winter mornings? Or upgrade to a steam shower, one that can often be retrofitted into the existing space you have for your shower stall. The benefits of a steam shower are many, including improved circulation, improved blood flow, opens up your pores and reduces blemishes, and helps relieve stress.

While many bathroom fixes are easy to do and can be accomplished in a weekend, the sky’s the limit for opportunity. Stopping by your local home improvement center can give you that gentle nudge you need for finding the perfect project to tackle on your next weekend at home.

Wine Anyone?

Astute homeowners know that what sells a home to a prospective buyer comes in the form of details. The more personalized a home is, the more it plays up to wants and desires, the more it moves to the front of the list at decision time. And adding a wine cellar to your home can be the perfect addition home buyers are looking for.

While the ultimate in luxury may be a wine cellar dug deep into the corner of your basement, there are many simpler options you can install yourself and access every day.

When was the last time you peered into your pantry and looked at it for its efficiency? Those corners that are underutilized, the shelves that are a mess at best. With a remodel, you can better access every wall and corner behind the closed door. And best of all, with a little imagination, you can add in space for your ever-growing wine collection.

Or how about putting it on display for your guests to view? We all have cabinets that are nothing more than wasted space. Dishes and glasses may be piling up behind the door, but when was the last time it was put to use? With a little creativity, you can remove doors or cabinets and install wine racks in a complementary color instead for a gorgeous built-in look and feel.

You can also look for wasted space and change it into a beautiful wine storage area instead. A built-in wine rack under the stairs can give you access to hundreds of bottles of your favorite vino. Tear down walls and create new space. You don’t have to have a lot of space; even spare corners can offer custom-built opportunities for improving your home’s décor while giving you access to a growing hobby you love.

As a homeowner, there will always be more projects you want to tackle and a room that needs at least a little bit of extra time and attention. Sometimes you’ll just get bored and want a change. Other times life will throw you curve balls and speed up a now needed repair. However, don’t forget to have some fun and add some dream home projects in the mix.

What will your next home improvement project be?

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