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Tips and Tricks To Make Your Room Look Bigger

City-living can feel cramped at times, considering space can be too precious of a commodity. Hence, here’s a list that will help you make the best of every inch of your space. These tips and tricks will equip you with important knowledge the next time you organize, redesign or shop for new furniture.

Tips and Tricks To Make Your Room Look Bigger

You’ll be surprised by the additional space you’ll be getting, you’d think you were in a different room! We’ve accumulated the three most important things (tips included) to remember when designing any part of your home.

Tips and Tricks To Make Your Room Look Bigger


The opposite of a cluttered mess is unity. There is more to getting organized than the usual modular storage solutions. Your choice of colors in the room can add or subtract to your room’s size. For instance, if your books are all over the place, it’ll eat space in your room literally and visually. With a ruler, marker, and your choice of paper, simply give all your books a new line of protection and a clean, new look with customized book jackets. Vary the colors according to genre for easier access, or stick to a single color with varying shades.  

You can apply the same concept of color unity with other parts of your room. Group similarly-colored furniture and objects together or choose decor of the same color in different shades. You’ll be able to create depth, character and complexity without sacrificing unity and organization.

Tips and Tricks To Make Your Room Look Bigger


When choosing furniture, accessories or decor–pay attention to the material. Go for lucite, glass or other materials that reflect light or let it pass through. This also means adding strategically-placed mirrors, clear or shiny vases, clear acrylic tables, etc. This is in contrast to objects that will absorb and block light, visibly taking up much pressure space. The right items will not only look like it’s taking less space, but also carry light to make it seem there’s more space.

A quick solution that will amaze you is using a clear shower curtain for your bathroom. Instead of blocking up the whole shower space with an opaque curtain and thus cutting the bathroom, a clear curtain will let light pass through and may even make it seem there’s more space behind it. As a tip, place white scented candles to emphasize the light effect.  

Tips and Tricks To Make Your Room Look Bigger


As mentioned above, playing with light makes a big difference when trying to expand the look of a small room. But we can’t use see-through or reflective objects for everything. Case in point: a cosy bed with cosy beddings and soft pillows.
You can manipulate light to your advantage by using light, bright colors for your bedroom. Choose light shades for your floors, walls, linens, couches, tables, etc. The light colors will naturally reflect light, and may make your room look welcoming, cosy, light, glowy and spacious.

Look around your home and see the potential. With a little forethought and muscle, you could be living in a much spacier home! Ready for some small changes for a bigger home? Get started now! Any more ideas on how to make a room look bigger? Comment below!

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