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The Most Important Points To Consider When Buying Refrigerators Online

The refrigerator is one of the key components of any functional kitchen. With the rise of e-commerce around the world, it is becoming increasingly common to buy electrical appliances online.

If you have never bought a fridge online, the endless variety of options can come as quite a shock for any novice online shopper. To make it easier to navigate the often-complex landscape of online shopping, here are a few points to keep in mind when buying a refrigerator online.

What Size?

Depending on the number of people in your home, you will need to decide on the size of your fridge. A fridge for four people can be around 300 litres, whereas a couple with no children will probably not need a fridge that’s a little larger than 185 litres.

Try to read a few online guides which go into detail regarding the depth of a fridge and the number of people using it. This will help you avoid purchasing a fridge that is unsuitable for you and your family.

Also, keep in mind that larger refrigerators use more energy. If you buy one, be prepared for a bigger electricity bill. When buying a fridge online it’s wise to think of the future ramifications of your purchase. Also, consider buying a smaller refrigerator if you eat out a lot.

Always measure the size of the space in which the fridge will be kept and make sure you look at the specifications of your chosen model online. Unfortunately, there is no other way to tell if the item will fit into the space until it has physically been delivered to your home.

Decide on a Style

When you browse online to buy a refrigerator, you are going to be bombarded with an overwhelming number of models from various brands and websites. The best way to deal with this is to narrow your requirements, in terms of style.

What type of style do you want your fridge to have? There are a few main options to choose from:

  • Side-by-Side doors: This fridge is divided in the middle and one side is dedicated to frozen goods while the other is meant for storing fresh food. The two sections can either be equal in size or one size can be bigger, usually the freezer is given a smaller section. Having a narrow freezer can be a problem for some people. This type of fridge is suited to someone with a narrow space because opening the doors requires minimal space.
  • Freezer at the Bottom: These models usually offer fewer choices than the top-freezer versions. Also, the freezer in this version is bigger than the top-freezer version. If you tend to purchase a lot of frozen goods, then a model with a larger bottom-freezer may be the right one for you.
  • Freezer on the Top: The most common type of fridge in the model, this one is better for people who don’t buy too many frozen goods and so, don’t need a large freezer.
  • Side-by-Side and Bottom Drawer: This is for people who value design a lot. The top half will be a double-door fridge and below the doors there will be a large drawer-style freezer. This style is increasingly popular and you can find various options in this one online.

A final point to note about the style of your refrigerator is to decide if you want an ice and water dispenser on the outside.

Is It Energy-Efficient?

Due to improved technology over the years, the refrigerators in the market today use far less energy than their predecessors. You ideally want a fridge that is ‘Energy Star’ certified. These models tend to be approximately 9% more energy efficient than regular models, which meet only the minimum standard of energy efficiency set by the government.

In fact, if all the refrigerators sold in the United States were Energy Star certified, cost savings would increase to USD 700 million and savings in greenhouse gas emissions reduced would rise to 19 billion pounds of gas.

Not only will an energy efficient refrigerator save you money through a low electricity bill, it will also reduce the impact on the environment through lowered greenhouse gas emissions.

Does It Offer Specialized Features?

Instead of the age-old standard egg-holders, refrigerators today offer many more advanced features aimed to appeal to the discerning customer. If you buy several bottles of wine, then a fridge with a built-in wine rack is perfect for your storage needs.

If you buy plenty of fresh ingredients, then look for a fridge which provides sectional climate controls for various compartments to help keep food fresh for longer. Certain models even provide air-tight compartments that vacuum air out, which helps keep vegetables and fruits fresh.

If raising the cooling in your fridge freezes everything and causes more harm than good, then look for a model which provides protection from freezer burn. The great part of shopping online is that the product description will mention all the different features in full.

Technology has made such advances in refrigerator design that you will even find models that help you decide what to cook if you tell them what ingredients you have inside the fridge!


Regardless of the type of fridge you are looking for, you can find every kind of model online. As with all online shopping, don’t settle for the first item you find. Instead, take your time to browse several retailers.

Doing your research and understanding your needs are two very important points when it comes to making an informed purchase decision. Pick a fridge based on your unique requirements and which fits your budget. The sheer variety of items available in the online marketplace is part of the beauty of purchasing a refrigerator online.

By: Korie Cantor is a writer who writes about living and lifestyle. She possesses a great sense of style and loves to share her thoughts about fashion and it’s latest trends.

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