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The Importance of a Professional Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and a day that you hopefully only undertake once!  It is therefore essential to get the best quality pictures to remember this special day with.

Of course, in the modern world almost everyone has a cell phone and the potential to take some high pixel photos.  It can be tempting to simply allow your friends or the local budding photographer to snap away for the day and settle for the resulting pictures.

The Importance of a Professional Wedding Photographer

However, once you speak to a professional, such as Mango Studios you will realize why a professional wedding photographer is an essential item for your special day.

Picture Quality

Although the array of cell phones equipped with cameras is impressive and the quality of these cameras are getting better; they cannot compete with the quality of a professional camera in the hands of a professional wedding photographer.  The reason for this is not just a matter of experience from the photographer.  Quality photos are about more than just the number of pixels.  The type of lens and functions available on a camera can make a huge difference; especially when photographing in poor light.  A quick glance at the photos in the studio will instantly show you the difference.  These professional photos will give you something that you can be proud of and will want to display forever.


Professionals tend to have more awareness of how a picture will look, what elements should and shouldn’t be included in the picture and even when to blur the background and when not.  They also have the ability to remember which photos are necessary to ensure the occasion is properly caught.  It is a once in a lifetime experience and not something you can recreate just to get a picture of a distant aunt or other relative.

This awareness also extends to knowing when a picture should be taken and when it is better to let you just enjoy the moment.


One of the biggest issues with multiple amateur photographers is that the flashing from all the cameras can ruin half or even all of the photos.  A professional photographer will even account for this or will insist on several pictures being taken without anyone else being able to snap shots.  Whilst this may seem harsh this is simply to ensure the best possible photographs are taken.


Using a professional photographer means that you have someone circling, constantly alert for the right photo opportunity and taking a wide array of shots to capture the occasion properly.  It is unfortunately true that most friends will take pictures of the bride and groom and then their own circle of friends; you may be surprised how many people do not appear in your pictures.  You will then be faced with the task of obtaining all possible pictures from every guest in the hope of compiling a satisfactory album and reminder of your great day.  A professional wedding photographer will keep all the pictures together, ready for when you wish to look at them and can print as many, high quality, images as you like.

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