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The Best Of German Cakes

German cakes are simply delicious. They come in all shapes and flavours. Apple cake is the traditional German cake. But there are many more varieties.

The Best Of German Cakes

From plain poppy seed cake to rich Black forest and white forest cake, the choices are many and very attractive. Here is a sample of German cakes with unusual names.

  • Mohnkuchen(is poppy seed cake): Poppy seeds are very popular with Germans. These tiny little dots often figure on top of desserts including cakes. In German cakes, they are added in such large quantities that the dough assumes a black colour.
  • Bienenstich: The bee sting cake has nothing to do with bee stings and is an almond cake filled with custard. The nuts caramel forms a hard surface on top of cake, so it is tough to handle with a fork. Instead, you must divide the cake horizontally via the soft custard and separately enjoy the two halves.
  • Srteuselkuchen (streusel cake): This cake has buttery crumbles which are vital for German baking. Cake is made of basic white dough topped with streusel.
  • Kalterhund: “Cold dog’ in German, this cake is not baked but only refrigerated and is composed of layers of butter cookies, sugar, coconut oil and cocoa.
  • Donauwelle: A marble cake made of layers of chocolate and vanilla is topped with sour cherries, butter cream and chocolate coating. After baking, cherries sink to the bottom giving the cake the name-‘Danube wave’.
  • Gugelhupf: It is a basic marble Bundt cake. Viennese coffee houses make it with almonds and rose water. In Central Europe, it is a wedding cake featuring seasonal flowers and fruits. It is named ‘jumping bonnet’ which refers to the work of yeast.
  • Zwetschgendatschi: A yellow cake covered with sliced plums is a Bavarian dessert. ‘Zwetschen’ denotes plums while ‘datschi’ is old German for pressing plums inside the cake.
  • Herrentorte: This translates as ‘gentlemen’s cake’. It is composed of several Viennese cake layers glued with wine cream and has a chocolate covering.
  • Frankfurter Krantz: Meaning Frankfurt Wreath is a sponge cake with layers with a wreath shape and stuck together with butter cream. Toasted almonds and caramelized nuts provide unique taste to the cake.
  • Schwarzwald: This is the famous Black Forest cake. The Black forest is a beautiful region in Germany. But the name of the cake is not derived from the area but refers to one ingredient in the cake. Schwarzwälderkirschtorte is German for Black Forest cherry gateau or Torte. This cake is composed of multiple layers of whipped cream, cherries and chocolate sponge cake. The name refers to Kirschwasser- liquor which is used to infuse in the whipped cream and soaking the sponge cake. This provides a moist, rich flavouring to the cake.
  • White forest cake: This elegant and stunning cake is a winner all the way. It is perfect for mother’s day and birthdays. It is a spin on black forest cake and uses sweet white chocolate in place of dark chocolate. Cherries and cake can be prepared ahead but white chocolate mousse has to be made just before using. You can provide a sculptured look by garnishing with curved, pointy white chocolate shards. Get online to find how to make white forest cake.

These are a sample of the best of German cakes.

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