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Social media and its recent explosion have done the sphere of bodybuilding a world of good. The increased visibility and access to a much bigger and diverse audience than before has helped spread the importance of fitness, and also make bodybuilding and fitness in general a much more viable and lucrative avenue of employment than it was previously, especially in New Zealand and Australia, two coastal countries with a thriving beach culture. Bodybuilding competitions now come with humungous cash prices, and winning them inevitably leads to endorsement deals, chances to appear in movies and even eventually achieve a superstar status. These are the primary reasons behind athletes doing whatever it takes to transform their bodies and achieve success.

Grueling workout regimens and depressing diets are just the tip of the iceberg. There is literally no limit to what bodybuilders are willing to do to achieve the perfect physique, including using potentially harmful steroids. The results steroids provide are unparalleled, in terms of quality and how quickly you get them. They were even legal during the so called ‘Golden age’ of bodybuilding, and hence freely available. It was only after several steroid related illnesses and considerable illnesses into their effect on the human body that they were made illegal.


In spite of banning steroid use, a cursory glance at the bodies of the top athletes in the industry makes it obvious that steroid use is still rampant and in the open. In New Zealand and Australia, there have been several steroid related arrests in recent years. But athletes swear by them and seek out sometime shady avenues to procure and consume them. One of the most effective drugs which enjoys immense popularity within the body building community is dianobol.

Dianobol binds with androgen receptors in the body and stimulates protein synthesis. It has the following benefits for body builders.

  • Increased muscle mass: – The extra protein produced in the body aids in muscle growth, and enables athletes to put on muscle mass much faster.
  • Speedy recovery: – The micro tears produced in the body during workouts are easily repaired. This allows builders to work out more frequently with greater intensity.
  • Ease of use: – Dianobol can be ingested in pill form, or it can be injected into the body.

Even though Dianobol boasts of several benefits, its use also has drastic repercussions.

  • Gynecomastia: – It is a primarily androgenic drug, which stimulates estrogen production ad blocks the production of testosterone. Its prolonged and periodic use often results in men developing breasts.
  • Liver damage: – Continuous use of Dianobol can be potentially fatal, with the liver especially affected

The following preventive measures are advisable

  • Use the drug only under strict medical supervision, at dosages ascertained to be safe.
  • Ensure that no preexisting conditions are triggered by the use of the drug.
  • Initial use of the drug should be in small amounts to check whether the body reacts to it in an adverse manner.

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