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Home Makeover Ideas: How To Renovate Your Home On A Budget

Renovating your home can be a costly task if you aren’t careful. Every change made in your home should be done with careful planning and thought. Giving your home a makeover doesn’t have to be very expensive and here are a few tips on how to renovate your home when working with a budget.

1. Maximize Your Closet Space

By simply inserting some inexpensive shelving units from your local store you can really expand the storage space in your closet. You can also paint the shelves to give them a more stylish look. In addition, closet space can be increased by adding hooks, hangers and pretty baskets to store clothes or miscellaneous items.


2. Increase Door Size

If any room in your house doesn’t feel very spacious, try hanging some inexpensive mirrors on the walls. A large mirror facing the windows will make the room look much larger and will light up your room in the daytime. Ideally sunshine should touch the mirror for it to give the room a much larger look. Mirrors can also be hung on the inside of your closet doors. This method will give a makeover to the doors which now you can  use while getting dressed. New closet doors can be expensive so this step could help those with smaller closets. Another great way to maximize space is to completely transform your closet doors into mirrors.


3. Brand New Tiles

Grouting is the white area between two tiles and can have a great effect on how your bathroom looks. If your bathroom has lost its sheen, especially due to the grouting becoming dark over time, then you don’t have to get new tiles in order to renovate the bathroom. Simply use a professional grout cleaner to return the bathroom to it’s original state. Don’t bother making a homemade cleaner using baking soda and vinegar. You can easily buy a professional cleaner for a few dollars or try to look for freebies available online.


4. Re-paint Cabinets

If you want to replace the cabinet in any room of your house, especially in the kitchen, then there is a much more inexpensive method that doesn’t involve replacing or installing new shelves. Simply paint your old cabinets to have them instantly looking like new. Try using bright colors to give the kitchen  cabinets a fresh look while  colors such as grey, teal and white give a classic look. You will be surprised by how much your kitchen is improved by simply applying a new coat of paint.


5. Granite Replica

While every homeowner would want a granite countertop in their kitchen, installing one can be very expensive. To get the look of granite without breaking the bank, try using granite paint on your counter tops instead. The end result will be kitchen counters that look exactly like granite counters.


6. Art and Plants

Place a few potted plants in different rooms around your house to give them a fresh look. Potted herbs in the kitchen, for example, will look very pretty. It is important to know how much light different plants require and you must place them accordingly in various spots around the house. You must also decide which plants are good for your house. Plants purify the air while some are also easily used in cooking, so they provide freebies in terms of their use around the house. Another great way to improve any room is to add a few great pieces of artwork to a room. You can find some lovely art pieces in thrift stores, online or even something that you made yourself.


7. Handle with Care

If you live in a very old house, chances are that you are still using the original handles which came with the house. Replace these handles with modern ones for a more functional and aesthetically pleasing home.


8. Carpet Stairs

You might have a worn out carpeted staircase which is making your home look dusty and shabby, either right as you enter your home, leading to the first floor, or perhaps leading into the basement. A quick and easy way to completely transform these steps is to first remove the cheap carpet which will expose the rough wood hidden beneath. Next, using a few DIY steps, these stairs can be made to look beautiful. First sand the steps, then stain them and finally, paint the vertical slats found in them. These actions will ensure that you now have an elegant wooden staircase.


9. Half Walls

If you have furnished your basement with plenty of furniture, you can easily divide up areas by installing a half-wall. This way, you won’t be closing up any one area and will still be demarcating different areas for various purposes. Since a half wall requires less material and labor to build, they will be a cheaper way to renovate your home than full walls.


10. DIY Wood Floors

To give your home the look and feel of a rustic country cottage, strip away any carpet on the floors and replace with wood, ideally pine, which you will stain and install. You can find plenty of DIY projects online to complete this project yourself.


Using these ten tips will help you save a lot of money when renovating your home. Giving your home a makeover doesn’t have to mean spending thousands of dollars, and with a bit of foresight, creativity and careful planning the same results can be achieved for a fraction of the price.

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