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Getting Married Soon? Complete Your Wedding Look with These 7 Men’s Accessories!

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Your bride isn’t the only one who has to look fabulous on her wedding day; it’s going to be your special day too, so just putting on a well-tailored suit won’t suffice! If you’re ready to dazzle your bride and impress your guests, accessorizing your outfit is the way to go.

Whether you’re getting married at the beach or planning to exchange vows in the countryside, there are numerous accessories to choose from. Here is a list of accessories that are sure to do wonders for your outfit.

1. Pocket Square

If you’re wearing a suit, nothing can complete the look better than a pocket square! Pocket squares don’t have to be worn with just tuxedos, and they aren’t a hassle to wear either. Moreover, they can be folded in various ways so you can choose a style that you love.

Do practice folding the pocket square well in advance so that you’re comfortable on the day of your wedding.

Tip: Fold the pocket square around a piece of thick paper or cardboard that fits the pocket. This way, the pocket square won’t slide down into the pocket!

2. Boutonnière


Your boutonnière will have to reflect the wedding theme and colors, and as that is something your fiancée would like to decide, you should talk to her about this.

Don’t restrict your choice to just a flower or two; include flowers in accent shades or rhinestones to add a touch of elegance. Remember to have a spare boutonnière to replace the first one when it starts looking worn out!

3. Suspenders

Suspenders are no longer meant to just keep your pants up; they can add a unique touch to your outfit instantly. What’s more, your suspenders will keep you looking sharp even after you ditch your coat and tie to shake a leg on the dancefloor!

Your boutonnière will sit on the left strap of your suspenders, so make sure the colors complement each other. Do have some contrast- you don’t want the boutonnière to be obscure!

4. Bowtie


Colorful bowties or printed ones can be playful and wedding appropriate at the same time, so don’t restrict them to formal settings. Bowties look great paired with wedding suits, but you can also wear one with a linen shirt and a pair of suspenders!

If you want to stick to something more conventional, wear a tie in a vintage paisley print. You can also wear a textured tie or simply knot it differently- try the Eldredge or Trinity knot.

Want to wear a tie but don’t want to look too formal? Wear a skinny tie with a flat tip to add a retro feel to your wedding!

If wearing a tie, don’t forget to wear a tie pin with it. Tie pins come in a variety of colors and styles, so choosing one that goes with your outfit and the wedding theme shouldn’t be a problem.

5. Cufflinks


To make you special day extra special, invest in a pair of gold or silver cufflinks and wear them on your wedding day. Gold and silver cufflinks are classics and you’ll be able to wear them to many formal events in the future! You can also pick up a pair that is embedded with gemstones; just don’t buy cufflinks that are too gaudy.

If you’re not willing to spend a fortune on a pair of cufflinks, consider buying enamel ones- they’ll look good without coming across as cheap. Go for a pair of cufflinks with a geometric design or choose a pair that symbolizes your hobby- think cufflinks designed to look like golf balls or tennis rackets.

Give silk knot cufflinks a miss and stick to other formal options. And if you’re feeling brave enough, there are a plenty of novelty cufflinks to choose from!

6. Watch

Wearing a dressy watch on your wedding day is a must as it can set the tone of your look and also add class to your ensemble. Unless you’re having a very casual wedding, you shouldn’t wear your sports watch to the altar. Invest in a good watch with a metal or leather strap instead!

7. Socks

Statement socks will make you look and feel dapper. Remember to coordinate the color of your socks to that of your tie and/boutonnière. You can also have your groomsmen wear socks in the same color or pattern and click some wonderful pictures!


You’ve probably never thought of accessorizing on your wedding day or put much thought into looking incredible when exchanging vows. But with the information provided here, you now know that you can accessorize your wedding outfit subtly and sweep your bride off her feet!

So don’t stay away from the limelight on your big day; get started on planning your look right away!


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