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Breakfast and Pancakes Go Hand In Hand

Pancakes are universally accepted as an ideal and yummy breakfast choice. They are really delicious to taste and can be made really easily, which makes it a popular dish among busy morning workers. But making that regular pancake must get boring. But there is nothing to fuss about; there are a variety of pancakes that can be made just as easily but taste quite different because of the variety in the ingredients. No matter how you make them, all types of pancakes are tasty. Below you will find the most popular and mouth-watering pancakes which can be easily prepared even, without any extra hassle.

Breakfast and Pancakes Go Hand In Hand

  • Stardust Chocolate Pancakes– This heavenly pancake is the going to become the top in the list of your favourite food. They have an abundance of chocolate and also the crumbled nuts add a crunchiness to it which just melts in your mouth. This is a must try dish which can also serve as a great dessert.
  • Savoury Pancakes– These special pancakes are not just meant for breakfast. They are really nutritious and can be eaten for your lunch or dinner even. You can make a lot of batter at one go and save the extra in your fridge for about a week. Though you should avoid eating them on a regular basis if you are on a diet.
  • Oat meat Cookie Pancakes– These versatile pancakes are great for any kind of meal. Even as a dessert. And don’t worry about the calories; these pancakes are fairly healthy as most pancakes go. So grab a plate and indulge in these yummy pancakes without a tinge of guilt.
  • Eggnog Pancakes– These pancakes fall under the simplest pancakes. They are extremely easy to make and taste just as good. With a light and fluffy texture on the inside and a slight crispiness on the outside, these pancakes make for a light yet filling breakfast. They go well when paired with cranberry syrup.
  • Dorayaki– These are the Japanese based pancakes also known as dora cakes. Each of these has two layers of fluffy pancakes which are filled with tasty bean paste in the middle. The name was derived from the Japanese word dora which means gong, because the shape of the pancakes resembled it.
  • Pancakes Sautéed with Apple– These classic, easy to make pancakes are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. They are light and fluffy with the beautiful flavour of sautéed apples. The regular easy pancakes are just added to the sautéed apples and their sweet syrup and it is done.
  • Pancakes with Caramelized Peaches– Another example of a fruity pancakes id this one. With yummy peaches, loads of sugar and butter, this pancake can be a little heavy, but it is totally worth it. Compromising on your other meals will be very easy after having these pancakes once.
  • Carrot Cake Pancakes– Carrot cake is a favourite dessert of everyone. Now imagine its hybrid pancake form is made with the same flavours to be eaten for breakfast. You will surely reach a sweet wonderland

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