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5 Ways To Further Improve Successful SEO Campaign

Many websites have competitively priced products and unique selling proposition. They are structurally sound and appropriate for a highly dynamic market. However, there are actually some little tricks that can help us improve SEO performance.

5 Ways To Further Improve Successful SEO Campaign

  1. Use bold feature: We could use WYSIWYG editor in CMS interface or other platform to perform some editing on the text. We may use the bold feature to highlight some of the primary keywords in the page. Obviously, we shouldn’t do anything crazy, but by highlighting 3 or 4 words in our webpage, we could actually improve readability and comprehension. This should be considered as an extension to SEO campaign. When people finally reach our webpage through our search engine results, it is important that they get our messages quickly. In fact, if use bold text sparingly, search engine will eventually take notice.
  2. Identify our images better: There’s actually hidden treasure among our images. Bots can’t recognize images that have no clear identification. Other than using proper filename for these images, we could also offer bots a different way to recognize our images. In Windows OS, we could right click on the image in File Explorer and choose Picture Properties. Go to the General tab and write short descriptions with primary keyword in the text section. This will be an additional way to ensure that our image ranks high in Google Search Image.
  3. Choose new keywords and keyphrases: In this case, SEO professionals who work for us could already perform thorough keyword research for us. However, we could still perform a separate task and choose keywords that we want to target. In this case, we could come up with ideas and innovations that SEO professionals may not be able to do. Choosing new keywords is like a business decision and that’s not something that SEO professionals would do, because it could change the way our company operates online. It is possible that we could bring in more traffic and improve our SEO success by choosing new keywords and keyphrases.
  4. Improve internal linking structure: It is important for us to reassess our linking strategy. SEO campaigns rely heavily on links from relevant, high quality webpages to boost our rank in search engine results for specific keywords. However, many SEO campaigns don’t have enough emphasis on internal linking. As an example, we could link back from internal pages to the main page. Popular CMS platforms already have excellent internal linking structure and each page has a way to return to the main page. Internal linking needs to be improved if we use proprietary website structure that may not contain such a structure. Internal links may have limited effects on SEO performance, but it should help bots to crawl our website better.
  5. Become an expert: We couldn’t rely too much on SEO professionals and website owners can further improve SEO performance by becoming an expert themselves. There are many articles to help us become an expert and with enough practice, it is possible to further improve our SEO success.

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