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5 Must-Have Items to Liven up a Teenager’s Room

Adolescence is one of the toughest, yet memorable phases of one’s life. It is a time when children begin defining themselves and become sensitive to life-changing experiences. They no longer want to run to their parents for the smallest issues and prefer to be left to their devices, contemplating their future.

Teenagers are often indecisive about their choices. They want to hold on to their favorite toys, but want their room that looks more sophisticated than it did in their childhood days. When decorating your teenager’s bedroom, an important thing to remember is that it should look like an extension of his/her personality.

You need to be wise about the color scheme and the other elements you select for your teenager’s room as they can influence his/her mood and thought process. For creating a relaxing space, you may want to go for neutral tones like white, gray, or beige on the walls and add a splash of color with accessories and furniture.

5 Must-Have Items to Liven up a Teenager’s Room

The following elements can help you spruce up your adolescent’s bedroom just right:

1. Vibrant Wall Decorations

A great way to liven up your teenager’s room is to infuse the space with positive energy. Go for color schemes that work with your teen’s personality, and mount decorative items on walls add youthfulness to the overall look.

Hanging vinyl records on the wall can be a great idea. You can also make a partition using these records by tying them using strings. Further, you can stick the same records on the ceiling to add a musical touch to the room.

Additionally, you can opt for urbane graffiti or another form of wall art to make your teenager’s room look cool. It may be easier to decorate a sports fanatic’s room as you will never fall short of wall posters and cutouts of your youngster’s favorite team/players!

2. Functional Items for Sleeping Area

You don’t need to be a genius to realize that a teen’s days are as tiring as those of an adult. After a long day, all they want to do is relax in a comfortable bed. This is the reason why the design and the décor of their sleeping area should focus on calming their active mind and body.

Make their bedrooms more functional by trying to declutter the space as much as possible. Go for storage solutions that occupy less space in the room. For instance, instead of stacking numerous pillows and cushions, go for a rem waifu body pillow. Body pillows offer several health benefits and ensure quality sleep for your adolescent.

You can also use a low chest of drawers that can double up as a sitting area. Another way to optimize space utilization is by going for a pouf pillow against the bed. It can also be used as a leg rest.

3. Wall of Thoughts

Ideas are limitless and can strike us any time of the day. When an idea does strike you, you want to be ready with a piece of paper to note it down. Give your teen a space in his/her room to doodle thoughts, ideas, formulae, or a quick artwork, without worrying about ruining the space. This way, he/she can always have space to scribble all their thoughts.

One of the easiest ways to make a ’wall of thoughts’ for your child is by getting one of the walls in his/her room painted with chalkboard paint. Place a mid-size ladder or a high stool next to the wall to make it easier to write on this wall.

4. Sign Boards for Private Area

Some teens prefer working in the privacy of their room in peace, without distractions around them, while others work better in groups. If your teen belongs to the former category (like most do), mark a certain area of his/her room as a Do-Not-Disturb zone. You can hang sign boards with rules mentioned on them, like ‘No Gadgets Allowed’ or ‘STOP’ to emphasize the importance of that area.

Adding small details to personalize the space with minimal efforts will make it possible for your growing kid to have his/her own place to muse. This space need not be decorated with too many distracting articles. Simply add a thick rug and a couple of cushions in the corner of the room to transform it into a lounge area.

5. Quirky Accessories for Study Desk

Schoolwork and studies make a large part of your teenager’s day. Make sure that he/she has a comfortable and interesting study desk, and you’ll find him/her spending more time in that space!

You can start transforming the study space with a few quirky items, like a bright-colored alarm clock, adjustable table lamp, or a circular book shelf. Apart from a comfortable and spacious desk and chair, you can add a couch or a bean bag for leisure reading or a quick nap. Include sufficient storage space to stack books and organize important papers. You can go for a football themed table for an interesting look.

To Conclude

Decorating a teenager’s room can be fun if you plan it right. Take suggestions from your children on what they want their room to look like. It need not be in tandem with the overall theme of the house. Don’t ignore their suggestions right away, even if they seem too eccentric for your taste. Even the most outlandish design ideas can be simplified and executed with a practical approach. All you will need is a little cooperation and a lot of creativity.

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