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16 Unique Ideas For Home Décor by Using Hangers

Clothes hangers fall are one of the most ubiquitous things ever! Apart from helping you arrange your clothes, these also have another unlikely application and that is – home décor. If you too are wondering how can a thing as common as clothes hangers can help you decorate your home, take a look at these DIY hanger crafts.

1. Bird Perch:

Have pet birds at home? Make them a new swinging perch by modifying some coat hangers and a wooden stand. Alternatively, you can paint a hanger (using non-toxic paint) and hang it in their cage using. Your winged buddies are definitely going to enjoy perching on it!

2. Wall/Door Hanging:

Forget wreaths. Instead, create wall hangings or door hangings made by using hangers. Add some faux flowers, ribbons, lace, beads, feathers to create the best floral wall hanging that ever was! You can also use fresh flowers, leaves and twigs and use it as a decoration on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

3. Fun Mobiles:

Deck up your kids’ nursery by using fun, colorful mobiles made entirely out of clothes hangers. Place them on the crib or display them on a wall. This costs next to nothing and you can have as many mobiles as you want for your little one.

4. Origami Cranes:

Do you have a way with paper crafts? Use your talent to create several origami paper cranes (the more, the better) and tie them on hangers using a string. Put your imagination to good use and use these ‘crane hangers’ to add a riot of colors to brighten up your living space.


5. DIY Wind Chimes:

Making wind chimes is a breeze with an ordinary coat hanger! Take any hanger of your choice (wooden preferred) and wrap colorful wool all around it, including the hook. Use strings to hang spoons, forks or scrap metals on the rod of the hanger. Use a coat of spray paint (metallic color) to prevent the metals from rusting. That’s all! Your DIY wind chime will be ready in no time! You can also use shells, spray-painted tin cans, coins, bells etc. in the chime.

6. Vintage Photo Display:

Bored of displaying your favorite photographs in frames? Give a twist to the tale by using hangers. Drill holes in wooden clothes hangers at equal spaces and use them to hang your photos on colorful strings to wow all your guests! Alternatively, you can take polaroid photographs and hang them on the hangers and use fairy lights to create a magical ambiance in your bedroom.

7. Magazine Display:

Show off your love for colorful magazines by creating hanging magazine stands! Place several such hangers at random on the wall and display your prized glossies.

8. Sunglasses Organizer:

Do you keep losing your sunglasses every now and then? Put an end to it by using a hanger, exclusively for your eyewear. The colorful shades and spectacles will never get lost again and you’ll have a new piece of décor to add to your dressing room.

9. Tealight Holder:

Creating a tealight holder from hangers needs a little more than basic skills, but you can definitely give it a try. Take a cue from this pretty little thing for this purpose.

10. Jewelry Display:

If you have it, flaunt it! Display your favorite jewelry like necklaces, earring, hair pins etc. using a hanger. All you need to do is to add some more hooks to the hanger. You can also add shower curtain hoops to the hangers to organize your prized possessions. This not only looks dapper on your walls, but also saves space in your cupboard and keeps the jewelry from going amiss or getting tangled. Use the same trick for your ties and scarves and display them out of the wardrobe.

11. Towel Display:

Give a unique touch to your bathroom by creating towel displays using clothes hangers. Paint them in colors that match the tiles of your bathroom and use them to hang bathing towels, hand towels and even shower caps. Interesting isn’t it?

12. Miscellaneous:

If you want to use the hangers just the way they are (that is to hang clothes), go for a few alterations and you’ll be able to add colors to your wardrobe. Wrap the hangers using colorful yarns, washi tapes or even leftover fabrics. Wrap the hangers with these basic materials and if needed, use super glue to fix them permanently. This easily transforms the look and feel of your closet, especially if it has glass doors or if it is a walk-in wardrobe.

13. Store Cutlery:

You can also use hangers in the kitchen. Use some extra screws and hooks on the hangers to hang your cutlery such as ladles, forks, knives and spoons.

14. Organize your Desk:

Craft lovers rejoice! Hangers can be used to store all your colorful spools, ribbons etc. You may need to cut the hanger from the middle section to insert the spools and ribbons. The section will be easily covered up by the ribbons and spools or yarns of macramé threads. Hang it near your work desk so that you have everything you need, at hand. This will help you declutter your desk.

15. Hang Succulents:

Succulents are all rage these days. They are being used to create terrariums or hanged in elegant planters. But why buy planters when you can make one of your own using coat hangers and some rope? Mount the hanger on your home or in the porch and tie succulent pots to the hangers. Take a cue from this DIY succulent planter.

16. Fridge Magnet:

You can also use hangers as a fridge magnet. Start by applying a base paint of any color of your choice to the hanger. Stick small toys, buttons, beads or even photos randomly on it using super glue. Finally, attach magnets to the hanger for a unique fridge magnet! You can also use it to pin grocery or to-do lists.

These are some of the unconventional ways you can use hangers – old and new, to deck up your living space. Have any more tips to add to the list? Let us know!

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